07 noviembre, 2006


Today I decided to write some words in English to everybody who visit my blog, but especially to the ones who visit me from others countries and don’t understand Spanish.

My name is Angela, from the Dominican Republic a beautiful tropical island located at the Caribbean. In some of my “Resent Posts” you’ll be able to find pictures of myself, my kids and friends.

This is a blog that permit me to share with all of you my experiences, the way I think, and part of my living routine here in my country. You also can feel free to leave me your messages and comments anytime you want.

I love to make friends all over the world and thanks to the Internet I’ve kept great relationships with some people from different countries and we have been in contact by many years, I have met some of them personally here in Santo Domingo and in their own places too.

I love to travel, I mean: I LOVE to travel very much!, I’ve had the opportunity to visit some interesting places out of Dom. Rep. In a future post I would like to scan some pics of my traveling to those cities I have been and write about my experiences there.

I would love to thank all of you to take part of your time to read and visit my space and I hope you continue knowing me and my country better each day.

Have a great week

2 comentarios:

Sandra dijo...

Can yu translein for mi? yo no picoinglis mames, queseto??

Me encantó este post, la próxima voy a etudiar pikinglis pa´entenderlo jejeje

Chercha mames, pero te faltó agregar esto:

Come to Samaná, enjoy this beautiful place, mi nombre es Jaime Kelly, no no no James Kelly, righttt??

Angela Guichardo dijo...

que risa!!!!!!